Ngx-kit Collection

Set of Angular components based on ngx-kit and packed into Angular-cli schematics.

All 3rd-party ui-kits has their own limitations and overheads. But projects has own business and design goals, and often the best way to reach this goals - craft a component from a scratch.

The best interface for ui-components is a possibility to change the source code.

@ngx-kit/collection it is a set of prepared and simplified components. Just generate the code by Angular-cli into your project or kit and modify it if needed.



  • angular 7
  • angular-cli 7

Install ngx-kit core and collection:

ng add @ngx-kit/core

Generate code:

ng g @ngx-kit/collection:ui-button ui-button

Import generated module:

  imports: [

Use the component:

<button uiButton>Hello!</button>